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American Recycled Clothing (ARC) specializes in the processing of commodity used and vintage clothing. We have been in business for 20 years and service a wide variety of industries: from domestic department stores, vintage clothing boutiques in America and abroad, export markets throughout the world, designers seeking inspiration, and costume departments in the film industry.

We exclusively source our product thru an item list, and based on specific instruction with regards to era, wear ability, current trends, demand and overall quality.

We hold a specific niche in the market in that we process the inventory of most industry grade rag mills, yet we operate in such a manner that includes many characteristics of smaller specialized used clothing dealers.

Please contact us for more information and appointments.

Phone: (310)329-9933 | Fax: (310)329-0905 | E-Mail: info@americanrecycledclothing.com

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